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Eye care specialists in El Salvador


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In retina, our role is to explore through different techniques, how is the retina of the patient, both morphologically (in shape) and functionally. Here we find diabetic and hypertensive patients mainly, and the evaluation in a consultation allows its diagnosis and treatment.
We have 3 retinologists to care for patients with diseases of the retina. Diagnostic procedures that are performed: AGF, OCT, U/S. Treatments: focal lasers or panretinal coagulation, injection of avastin.

In glaucoma, various examination techniques exist both for the detection as well as for the tracking of the disease. The patient with glaucoma is a chronic patient and semi-annual or annual control tests should be performed. Glaucoma is an optic neuropathy that if not treated, can lead the patient to blindness, without possibilities of improvement, and mainly affects patients above the age of 40. In Fudem we attend patients with this condition through 2 glaucomatologists. Diagnostic procedures performed are: perimetry, pachymetry, optic nerve OCT. Treatments: iridotomy with Yag-Laser, surgical iridectomy, trabeculectomy combined trabeculectomy and cataract surgery, valve implant.

The eyelids have the task of keeping the proper lubrication of the eyes, protect them from injuries, foreign objects and also play a very important role in facial expression. For all this, eyelids not only accomplish the job of helping us see our outer world but are key elements in how the world sees us. With 3 eye plastic surgeons in Fudem, we give a solution to this condition. Surgical treatment of: ptosis, blefarochalasis, benign and malignant tumors, entropion, ectropion, chalazion, probing of lacrimal ducts, and soon intubation and dacryocystorhinostomy.

The 28 Ophthalmologists of the Foundation perform surgeries of the anterior segment of the eye. Surgical treatment of: cataracts, pterygium, which are the most common surgeries. Cataract is intervened with extracapsular technique, soon to be implemented the phacoemulsification technique.

In Strabismus, tests are performed to study the visual system, measuring the degree of deviation of the visual axes and of the impact this has on sensory level. The study and treatment of patients with strabismus is a single process that must conform to the specific conditions of each patient. In Fudem we provide specialized attention through Dr. Xenia de Cornejo, Strabismulogist. There are also surgeries of strabismus in children and adults.

It is the medical specialty which studies the diseases of the eyeball, eye muscles, lacrimal system, eyelids and their treatments. The need to prevent the diseases with an early diagnosis and safe handling, has transformed Ophthalmology in subspecialties. 26 ophthalmologists attend the General Ophthalmology consultation.

The Visual Rehabilitation Unit is targeted to people with low vision, patients who see little or almost nothing and need to learn to use this minimum vision to improve their quality of life. Starting from identifying their visual field we can recommend specific techniques for each case. The causes of low vision vary in each person, and according to the disease, but in general they could be: generalized blurred vision, which can be caused by cataracts, corneal scarring, or problems of diabetic retinopathy; loss of central vision, often caused by disease of the macula; loss of peripheral vision, mainly caused by glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa (RP). A multidisciplinary team attends consultation and visual rehabilitation of the patient with low vision. The team consists of an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, a visual therapist and a psychologist, for a better handling and care of the patient.

8. INTERNAL MEDICINE (Complementary Specialty)
FUDEM has two practitioners of internal medicine.  With these two specialists we aim to treat the patient with metabolic diseases linked to the eyes, in a comprehensive manner, going hand in hand with their eye treatment and the control and treatment of their baseline disease.

9. NUTRITION (Complementary Specialty)
FUDEM has a licensee in nutrition. She provides treatment to patients with illnesses or conditions related to eating disorders as well as patients with metabolic diseases.