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Eye care specialists in El Salvador




Vision problems become limiting factors for the success at school for thousands of children in El Salvador. According to FUDEM’s statistics, 10% of students that had their vision checked suffer from refractive errors.

The “ Windows of Light” program assumes the challenge of improving the quality of life of children from the rural areas of the country and who go to school. For FUDEM, this is a very gratifying task, to be able to provide an opportunity for change to thousands of boys and girls who do not have the resources.

To meet the needs of visual health that this population has, FUDEM brings a team of experts to schools and learning centers, to carry out visual examinations to students and teachers; those who need glasses, receive them, those who need treatment or surgery get referred to one of the four Visual Health Center. This is a service offered at no cost.

With the  Windows of Light program the quality of learning improves, as well as the development of children who suffer some type of refractive error within their environments: school, family and friends. At FUDEM, we believe in our students and continue to support them, because we know that with our timely intervention, we will be part of a future full of opportunities for all of them.