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Eye care specialists in El Salvador




Cataracts are the main cause of blindness amongst seniors around the globe.However, young people and newborns would also have cataracts.


It is the opacity of the crystalline lens of the eye. We all have a transparent lens located behind the pupil and its function is to focus in a clear way objects at different distances. The crystalline lens concentrates light on the retina to send images to the brain. When there is a cataract, the light needed to see gets blocked, which results on a blurry vision.


In many cases, cataracts come with aging. People over 50 years of age are prone to get them. With time, the crystalline lens becomes opaque and looses its transparency. Other causes might be:

  • Long exposition to UV light from the sun. 
  • Diabetes
  • Genetics
  • Eye infections or traumas
  • Use of medications such as steroids.



The symptoms vary and depend on the opacity of the crystalline lens.

Blurry vision, double vision, ghost images, or the sensation of having a “veil” or “fog” over the eyes.Problems dealing with bright lights, with a feeling of “whiteout”, lights appear too weak to read or perform work that requires concentration.

Difficulty appreciating colors tones or changes in some colors.

In some very advanced cases, cataracts are visible in the eye and it appears as a white or yellow stain in the pupil (the center of the eye, which usually is black)


The only proven treatment for cataracts is surgery. More than 95% of surgeries are successful.  

The surgery consist on the removal of the crystalline lens that is opaque and its substitution with an artificial lens (intraocular) that its placed in the same space where the crystalline lens was, as a result, the lost vision is regained.


Have your eyes examined by a professional at FUDEM to detect early signs of health problems. Early diagnosis can make a big difference with the treatment and prognosis of these disorders.