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Amblyopia, also know as lazy eye is a decline in vision in one or both eyes that can not be recovered with the best optical prescription nor surgery if no proper treatment was given before the patient is 7 years old.It is caused because brain cells in charge of vision of the affected eye do not develop due to the lack of proper stimulation. 

Did you know that amblyopia is the most common cause of sight impairment during childhood?



 It can be caused by any condition that blocks the pass of light and the formation of images in the eye.

  • Strabismus: The eyes are misaligned. 
  • Refractive errors: myopic eye, farsighted or astigmatic. Those are the most common causes for the condition.
  • Cataracts: Opacity on the crystalline lens



One could suffer amblyopia if:

  • Eyes that turn on or out
  • Inability to judge depth correctly
  • Poor development of fine motor skills



It is effective when it is done at an early age, before reaching 7 years of age. Amblyopia treatment makes the child use the eye with reduced vision (the weak eye) in order to avoid bad vision.

  • Patch: The main treatment consists on covering the normal eye with a patch or other elements to stimulate the use of the weak or non-preferred eye (the one with amblyopia).
  • Medications: Use of eye drops, so the unaffected eye’s vision becomes blurry and the weak eye is forced to focus and organize its function.
  • Eyeglasses: The use of eyeglasses or lenses to improve visual focus.
  • Surgery for strabismus or cataracts. Performed in the eye muscles to correct misalignment.
  • Therapy for brain-vision stimulation.



Timely detection and treatment on children can help prevent a visual damage or permanent blindness. A complete eye examination should be carried out at two years of age to avoid the risk of visual problems.

Parents should consult with the pediatrician about the visual health of their children under two years of age.